We can never take for granted the gifts that the Garden is provided from individuals and companies that have provided our materials. One of those companies is Kichler Lighting, providing us with our low voltage LED lighting in the Garden. As one of the most significant thing that has taken place in 2017, we want to recognize the lighting donations that have come from Tom Rowe at Kichler.

Our latest supply of donated lighting came to us in July of 2017 and by August we had those light installed. With the picture that is displayed you will see that the installation took place on the bridge. As some might remember, when we built the new bridge we pre-wired the railings with wire anticipating that someday we would be able to purchase that lighting. Along with the lights for the bridge came other units that were used to highlight some of our trees and shrubs that had not been completed.

But that is not all, along with this shipment came a new transformer that powers the lighting system. This is important because the unit that was being used was over 20 years old and the timer was creating issues. With the new transformer we are not depending on a timer, but rather a sensor that allows the lights to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. It also provides the added benefit of keeping the system stable when the power goes out, meaning that the timer is not off by the length of time that the power was off and would need to be reset.

It just keeps getting better.