Endowment Fund

Endowment through Gresham Japanese Garden

An endowment has been established with Dino Rocha at Edward Jones as of February 2017. This program allows for individuals to donate to the Garden and receive a tax donation from their retirement funds, or any other fund that is eligible with a non-profit organization. Contact Dino for more information. NOTE: You do not have to have an account with Edward Jones in order to make a donation.

The accumulation of the Endowment funds will eventually be tapped into when our current volunteer administration is no longer available to oversee the fostering of our Gresham Japanese Garden and its surrounding properties. The funds will assist in the support of the garden maintenance by affording knowledgeable individuals who understands cultural aspects, plantings, training, and maintenance of the grounds and structures, such as the bridge, azumaya and fencing.

To assure that the endowment will always be applicable we have joined forces with the City of Gresham to assure that the land will be respected as a Gresham Japanese Garden for the community. A joint use agreement and understanding has been establish and recognized by the Mayor and City Council.

If at sometime in the far future the Japanese Garden cannot be maintained on this property, the endowment will be used to relocate the existing Gresham Japanese Garden to another location. Likewise at some time that the Gresham Japanese Garden fails to exist as overseers of the funds, the 501c3 will revise the mission statement to focus on the garden and its programs or the endowment will be awarded to another non-profit that will oversee instruction on the endowments’ use.

Contact Dino Rocha at dino.rocha@edwardjones.com