November in Color

By the end of this month we have passed the peak of the fall color season and are left with pictures and memory of reds, yellows and oranges. These colors being produced by leaves of different sizes and shapes all however being of the palmatum family. Those not having the time to come to the garden every few days may miss some of the beginnings and thrust of colors, one day and the right conditions can make all of the difference. Take the time to get close in or enjoy it from a distant walk on the “spur”. This area has been specifically designed to allow a full display on the west hillside with a layered and descending presentation, remember the word “balance”.

On the north side of the garden, from this vantage point one can see the old growth palmatum that graduate upward from front to back with the largest and longest lasting of the maples to the rear, providing a wonderful yellow. This presentation was not visible from the “spur” vantage point do to the existence of an old growth weeping willow that had to be removed for public safety in 2014. Once removed a whole new vantage point came into focus.