September in Color

Okay here we go, no holding back and the color storm is about to begin. Before that happens we will see the final blooms of the hostas, new growth will have hardened off and gone to a deeper color, the summer wind will dry and change textures while we begin to see the whites of the new buds that will produce next seasons rhododendron blooms, yellows have not looked as yellow on the euonymus and the pines needles have not looked more green.

There is now just a glimpse of what is going to take place even more so through October and November. Those juniper and spruce will continue to be somewhat blue, maples will begin to lose the green to red, yellow and/or orange. Still lingering is the blooming habit of the viburnum “spring bouquet”, the white blooms have been coming and going since spring and are still insisting on a display that interrupts the toned down summer color (a different color than in the other seasons). This plant has been pruned several times this season just like some other mentioned to keep it open for air flow.