From the very beginning of the Garden rebirth, J. Frank Schmidt Nursery has been providing us with trees. After a visit from the Schmidt family in 2012, we were provided maples of several varieties as an offering for the Garden redesign. All of those maples have been installed and are thriving. We noted that gift with a plaque that was installed on the recognition pedestal at the east end of the Garden.

As one of the significant events for 2017 we recognize J. Frank Schmidt Nursery again for a wonderful donation in June of several trees and a gift of $500.00 cash for use with the Garden. Again in September of 2017 another gift of 12 Akebono cherry trees were donated for the Ebetsu Plaza, one of which was used for the Mayor’s ceremonial planting during the 40th year celebration while the delegation from Ebetsu was in Gresham.

If you are a volunteer or visitor to the Garden and feel that we have something special and beautiful, this is one of the reasons why, we cannot do this without the help and dedication to our efforts without people like J. Frank Schmidt Nursery.

Frank Schmidt Nursery website.