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Visit Gresham Japanese Garden

Tsuru Island, 3/4 of an acre located at Gresham Main City Park is free and open to the public sunrise to sunset.

Pollinators: Nature’s Gardeners

Pollinators: Nature’s Gardeners

As children, we've been fascinated by birds, bees, and flowers, knowing little about their interrelation in nature. But as we mature, our fascination evolves into deep admiration and respect for the complex yet beautiful part they take in pollination. Whether it's the...

Dancing Cranes Join Ebetsu Plaza

Dancing Cranes Join Ebetsu Plaza

Dancing Cranes Sculpture This story is narrated by Jim Card. Jim had come across a picture on Pinterest showing a picture of dancing cranes in a flock. One day he was talking to Bill Peterson, our resident photographer, and showed him the photo and a video and they...

There are Better Ways to Prune Your Bushes

There are Better Ways to Prune Your Bushes

Spring is a good time to prune most of the trees, shrubs, and evergreens in your yard. Unfortunately for many homeowners AND landscapers this means getting out the power shears and whacking back the bushes into balls and boxes. While the resulting “Green Meatballs”...


Ebetsu Plaza is located in the south end of Main City Park closest to Springwater Trail. This is a public space, free for the public to enjoy.

Mission Statement

The Gresham Japanese Garden on Tsuru Island provides a place of culture, beauty and learning for all who enter. The Friends of Gresham Japanese Garden bear responsibility to the city of Gresham, to build upon the Japanese American legacy in the community. We foster sustainability through leadership, stewardship, education and volunteerism.

Available to Rent

The Gresham Japanese Garden, Ebetsu Plaza, and the Resource Center are all available for your next event or meeting. Check us each one of the venues as separate rentals or in combination!

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Set of 6 of $10, or purchase one for $2.



Since the Garden’s reopening in 2011, volunteers have contributed over 17,000 hours pruning, sweeping pavers, planting, replanting, building — you name it and the volunteers have done.


Commemorative Pavers

An endowment fund to maintain the garden is now available through the Commemorative Paver campaign.

Tsuru Island

Gresham Park’s Most Inspirational Project

What Our Volunteers Say:

“ I have found great friends, gardening joy, and have learned more things about all facets of gardening in a multi-generational setting. I’ve hit the garden lottery of joy!!”

— Deb