Ikebana for the Season


In these series of workshops, Nana Bellerud will cover the basic concept, techniques, tools and equipment, and plant care for ikebana – Japanese floral art. Participants will make 1 basic style and 1 freestyle with emphasis on seasonal themes.

You may bring their own containers or purchase the Starter Kit here. Bring a flat-bottom casserole dish for the basic style and a tall, straight-sided flower vase for the freestyle. Starter Kits are available for purchase; basic container, and Kensan.

Email marketing@greshamjapanesegarden.com with any questions. Happy to answer.

It’s recommended to purchase our Starter Kit or bring a flat-bottom casserole dish. Kit includes a basic container, Kensan (pin frog holder), a classic Ikebana book.

Freestyle containers will be available to practice in class. You’re welcome to bring a tall, straight-sided flower vase!

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