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Event Series Fundamentals of Pruning Course

Fundamentals of Pruning Course – Zoom

Zoom 219 S Main Avenue, Gresham, OR

In the Fundamentals of Pruning course students will cover more than just how to make cuts and shape plants within the landscape. Topics discussed will range from why we prune, what tools should be used, and even some basic plant biology—all of which form the foundation and provide the necessary background knowledge needed to prune woody […]

Pruning lace-leaf maples for character

Kyoudou Center 219 S. Main Avenue, Gresham, OR

Many people care for Japanese maple trees on their property, especially lace-leaf maples. One of the most popular, Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Crimson Queen'. This pruning course is offered after the trees new growth has flushed out to get maximum learning opportunities. Lincoln Proud will focus on the fundamentals of pruning as it pertains to […]

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